I feel I have very little of interest to share these days. Being out of my own routine and climate of comfort is taking its toll on me. I’m reading and praying in small bursts, and thinking a lot. Mostly, I’m trying to accept where I’m at and be still in the moment. Until I have something of depth to share, I offer these links for your consideration:

One of the blogs that inspired my exploration and the structure of this blog is Project Conversion. Andrew started with Hinduism and you can read his month of posts on the faith as he experienced it and practiced it. There are interviews, essays on the practice, history and social issues, as well as his overall conclusions. I realize that I missed many of the posts and I will be going back to read them all again. Start here.

Aseem Shukla writes for the Washington Post’s On Faith series. He recently posted about Hinduism and its take on evolution. He covers a lot of interesting topics.

Shabda Brahman is a beautiful, personal and scholarly blog that I look forward to following. This particular post on Kalighat was especially beautiful to me.



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