Wishbird update

Remember last week’s post on making a quick spell for a home? It worked.

I’ve been looking for rentals in Olympia online for about two months now, trying to get an idea of locations, styles, and prices. I figured I’d find a place once I landed as house hunting from a distance has many challenges. However, a few days after casting the spell my very good friend in Olympia emailed me with a listing for my ‘dream house.’ It had all of the things I was looking for – it even was in the Craftsman style, my favorite architectural style and not that common in the rental market right now.  It really seemed like the perfect house for my family. Except for the line that said no pets. We have one cat, Elliott, whom I’ve had for ten years; he is very well traveled, this cat.

But I emailed the landlord anyway. If he was firm, he’d say so, but there was no harm in asking, right? None indeed. He said he’d consider our cat. We continued to negotiate. This just had to be our house. And….. after my friend checked it out, she said the same.

Last night, to the hour that I let off my wishbird, I had a verbal agreement with the (very sweet) landlord on my ‘dream house.’

I’m telling you, magic is real. This spell has worked for me before and it worked again. I could not be more grateful, nor more excited about the next leg of this adventure!


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