Staycation 2012 was both a dud and an exercise in recovery. I did very little of my normal workload: spiritual practices, writing, cleaning, cooking, etc. It was nice to take a break. To sit. To read fiction. I freed up some space to deal with some lingering dysfunction. That wasn’t quite how I wanted to spend my free time, and yet…. it was necessary and freeing. I didn’t have my normal distractions and some unresolved personal junk demanded attention. I took off some of my armor and I’m trying to keep it off. Staycation was a recovery of sorts. A move toward more vulnerability.

But the kids were sick. Whatever cold I had the week prior hit both the kids with an unusual ferocity. Fevers, snot, coughs, whining, clinging…. I guess it was a good thing that I had more space, because the kids demanded so much of me.

So here I am. Nothing much to report from my ‘week off.’ The armor is down (at least, a little bit). I feel a bit more present. A little less desperate. More centered. Let’s begin again.

I’m back on my seat in the mornings: listening, breathing, pulling a tarot card, making offerings and saying my prayers. Back to exploring and expanding. Back to experimentation.

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