Everything comes back to the breath. Everything.

Meditation? It’s about the breath.

Trance? It’s about the breath.

Yoga? It’s about the breath.

Tai chi? Breath.

Aikido? Breath.

Orgasm? Breath.

Singing? Shinto chingon and misogi? Being present? Pain management? Anger management? Birth and death?

It is all about the breath.

11 responses to “Breath

  1. A little pranayama never hurt anyone… not exactly true, but it’s the thought that counts, no? I’ve wondered at times about the smokers, severe asthmatics, folks with missing lungs, etc… of the world who are “breathe-ly challenged.” But that’s a whole other can-o-worms!

      • Truthfully, I don’t wonder much at all about it. I have a curious mind, almost always seeking exceptions to things.

        However, in some paths much importance in regards to spiritual progression is placed on breathing/breath control. For people who walk those specific paths, I wonder what they think of people who are lung-ly challenged. For them, would someone with emphysema(sp?) have a tougher time finding God because they would be less able to perform various breathing austerities?

        As I said, I don’t actually wonder much about people who have a hard time breathing. Your post was about breathing (in perhaps a differnt context), and I know for many people breathing is an integral part of their spiritual practice … and so my original comment. πŸ™‚

        • As an asthmatic – it’s all about … breath! You can often stave off an attack by focusing on the breath – slow, deep, breaths. It’s when you lose track of your breath that the lungs start to fill up/close down.

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