Watching and learning

My children are nearly four (in ten days) and 15 months. My son went through a period where he was fascinated with my prayers and devotions, and now he really isn’t all that interested. Occasionally he wants to join in. Mostly he just wants my attention.

Baby girl is entering that age where she is watching and learning and repeating what we do. She is as good as her brother was about not touching items on the altar. We have four altars around the house: my big one in my office, the family altar in the alcove, my husband’s downstairs in his office, and the outdoor one, where I’ve been doing most of my devotions and sitting these days. Sometimes baby girl will come and sit my lap when I’m meditating (she only lasts about 60 seconds), she wants to blow the candles out, she claps her hands and bows.

On Friday the kids and I and our friends went to Yashiro Japanese Garden. It is small, but beautiful. The koi pond is murky, but the kids loved it. I love the aesthetic of Japanese gardens. In the corner a pagoda-style statue with the Buddha in meditation stands in a shady corner. Some one had placed flowers and pine cones as offerings.

Buddha offering


The little one kept trying to pick up the flowers and give them to the Buddha. She knows what’s up. Watching my children learn religious respect and basic knowledge of a variety of traditions makes my heart happy.

Reaching out

My Place quarter has turned into one of rest and simplicity – mostly going to parks and listening to the wind in the trees, smelling the scents on the air, and listening to the birds and sounds of the city. It is profoundly peaceful. My kids are part of that.


(photos by the incomparable Rebecka at Everyday Life Magic)


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