Maxim Monday: Do not use an oath

A working knowledge of Greek would be helpful in this endeavour to explore the Maxims. I’m guessing an oath is making a promise, or swearing by something or some one, a deity perhaps. I would agree that is unwise. If an oath means a ‘swear’ word, well…. I fucking love swearing. I would like to get out of the habit of taking Christ’s name ‘in vain,’ as I think it is disrespectful, even though I do not personally honor him; it’s disrespectful to Jesus himself, but also to the many, many people who love and adore him, some of those people are my friends and family!
Yes, so don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t swear on your mother’s grave. Unwise. Very, very unwise.


7 responses to “Maxim Monday: Do not use an oath

  1. It bothers me that I take Christ’s name in vain too, and more than it did when I was a Christian. One reason is that it is now insulting someone else’s religion. Another is that it shows that at some subconscious level my Hindu beliefs are not fully integrated into my subconscious.

    I hope that I can stop using religious swear words altogether, but it would be more consistent if I (like some born Hindus) would say “shiv”, then deal with the disrespect and karma.

    Actually not swearing at all would be a good thing, my guru says that swearing is using a negative mantra against yourself or against others. At one time the worst profanities of all were curses, and I think there is still some power and karma behind saying “damn and blast” someone, with venomous feeling even if you don’t take it literally. I would be especially wary of this if you practice tantra or magic – Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” springs to mind. “

    • Yeah, I also want to cut out ‘god damn’ for exactly as you say: it’s curse, literally, and if I’m going to curse something I want to be intentional about it! I think saying something that expresses my frustration, like Blast! would be more honest and less karmic-ly problematic.

        • Yes, but I don’t think that immediately comes to mind. It’s hard to think of an appropriate expletive to use in moments of great frustration. Any suggestions?

          • My favourites non-cursing swear words are “fuck”, “shit”, “bollocks”, “bugger” and “bum”. If I’m in genteel company, I usually go with “Shostakovich”, which was my dad’s swear word of choice.

            • Fuck and shit are two favorites of mine too. I think I need to integrate bollocks into my vocabulary, as well, because here in the US few people recognize it as a swear word.

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