The end is also the beginning

The calendar year is winding down. Does anyone ever feel restful at this time? In the United States we seem to have a full six weeks of holidays, events, family gatherings, and shopping madness. While I go light on the last two (my family of origin are in Alaska and Australia), I’ve got more than my fair share of Other Stuff going on right now. Much of it is really exciting, so let me share some news with you!

Firstly, you might notice that my avatars have changed, both here and on the Facebook page. I took some time to get professional headshots taken with Rebecka at Regan House Photo. So worth it! I feel significantly more professional.

Secondly, I’ve written from time to time for Sarah Whedon over at Pagan Families. This week the blog moved to the Patheos family of blogs! I’ll be continuing to write for Pagan Families as the topics and spirits move me. Hopefully in the next week or two I’ll be posting about life in the NICU. This is an exciting move for a very specialized blog.

Thirdly, I’ve joined yet another group blog over at Patheos! I’ve been asked to be part of A Sense of Place, a group blog where four writers from around the world talk about the intersection of spirit and place. I’ve written quite a bit about that here and hope to move some of that to the new blog, as well. You might see some old posts once in a while, but look for a brand new post from me over there on Friday! Fridays are my days.

As for My Own Ashram, I’m still committed to this blog. It’s a wonderful place to gather my thoughts, challenge myself, and reach outside of my head. Thanks for being patient as I sort through some considerable Stuff in my wider life. I have a list of ideas to write about, as well as some more possible good news in the new year!

Life is really challenging right now, but truly, it is all good stuff. Like I said in my last post (more or less), if you’re not willing to let go of what no longer serves to make room for the new, don’t pray for abundance; if you’re not ready for the slice, don’t go asking Kali to slay the fears that limit your spirit!



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