Collaging the Year, part one: A 2012 review

Every calendrical new year I collage. You can read about last year’s collage and see pictures of 2011’s and 2012’s here. This year it took me and Adam a week to complete our collage. Both of our kids were very interested in what we were doing. We tried to wait for the youngest’s nap times. My son even managed to make his first one. He says it’s a collage about Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. A born story-teller, he is.

First, I want to look at my 2012 collage and see what came to pass.

Collage for 2012

Collage for 2012

This collage was more about ideas than specific goals. And yet, many things came to pass. I loved the large witchy pictures. I wanted more of that energy in my life – and I got that. I feel that I am more and more embracing the ‘witch’ label. I remain reluctant to do so, but it seems to fit. I started studying with two Feri mentors in Seattle once a month (something I’ve not written about, but will do so soon). I practice witchcraft! There I said it.

I’ve embraced my chosen paths/traditions. My family remains my highest priority. I went to Alaska in the summer. I experienced new shades of joy and freedom in 2012, even though the costs were exacting indeed. I have confirmed that I need to eat gluten-free; I’ve lost some more of the baby weight and gotten a little more fit.

What didn’t come to pass is also important. I didn’t figure out if I want a third child or not. That’s still to be decided. I didn’t get as fit as I’d like. I’ve recently discovered that I’ve got whiplash  and a wonky left hip – no wonder all my fitness attempts haven’t felt quite right! I also don’t feel I’ve tapped into that primal place of power that I’ve only so briefly touched. But I’m getting closer.

Social media has transformed how I collage. Turns out Pintrest sort of fills that space now. Pintrest is an ongoing collage on the internet where I can post images for my dream house, tarot images I like, altar spaces, jewelry, etc. Removing those ideas from my collaging meant that I needed to adapt my new year’s tradition.

This year I did a tarot reading for my year to come and collaged around those concepts. Tomorrow I’ll post 2013’s collage and talk about what I see ahead for myself.


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