Magic to the People

If you’re not familiar with Drew Jacob, let me introduce you. He’s the Rogue Priest and a professional adventurer. His blog was one of the inspirations for mine. He’s planning on walking to and through South America from Minnesota. He’s already made it to New Orleans, where’s he been wintering. It hasn’t been some idle winter for him. He’s been working as a magician, studying Vodou, and is now creating Magic to the People, a pay-as-you-can community magic shop!

I think this concept is rad on several levels. First, I love it when people see a need, take initiative, and then go carve out a niche to fill that need. Second, accessible magic is a need many people have, but it can also be out of reach, and I love the idea of bringing more magic to more people. Third, I love magic.

While I believe that anyone can make magic, it takes skill and training and learning. Because of these things, if you approach a practitioner or witch (or whatever label they’re using) the spell, working or tincture may be more than you can afford. Maybe you make magic, but you need advice or a kind that is outside your area of expertise. Magic to the People is a place that New Orleans folk can go to for advice.

I don’t live anywhere near New Orleans – I’ve never even been there! – but I like the idea so much that I want to support it. Free clinics of all sorts are important parts of diverse communities. I find them to be critical to the well-being of alternative communities. The magical community is no different.

I want to help bring magic to the people. You can learn more and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign if you are inspired.

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