I don’t know a lot about astrology. Most of the time I don’t find it scientific or accurately reflecting my experience. Occasionally, it is eerily precise.

Today Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks. I’d like to blame this starry shift on the mess I made with a friend on Monday. I am a strong and confident communicator in many mediums. I’m even pretty good at public speaking! But throw in volatile emotions and I can turn defensive, terse, and sometimes mean. I definitely have a few things to work on. So I’m not thrilled about a major shift in the astrological sign that governs clear communication.

One wise and witchy friend of mine always reminds people when Mercury is about to go retrograde. He embraces these periods, reminding me to use caution, to go deeper with friends, allow for slow and intimate communication, to use this time period to be more intentional about how and what we communicate. Given that I am coming out of a rough month with my husband and just stuck my foot in it with a dear friend, I am taking his advice to heart much more seriously. I have three trips coming up – one over each of the next three weekends, each trip designed to strengthen a set of relationships. Any reminder to be cautious, intentional, intimate, and deep is welcome.

Beyond astrological observation, for several months now I have been honoring Hermes/Mercury/Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus on Wednesdays, his day. Greek Reconstructionists and Hermeticists may roll their eyes at my weak efforts and limited understanding. As a Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and as a person who uses the internet for much of my communication, relationships, and livelihood, I think making friends with Hermes is a good idea. It’s an unfolding relationship. I don’t know much about him, beyond basic mythology and associations. I said some prayers today mostly along the lines of “oh, please don’t let me be an ass.” (No, the words were more poetic, even if that was the gist.) Right now, I’m burning a green candle as I type this.


In other news, I am heartened, though not satisfied, with the US Supreme Court’s overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act and striking down of California’s Proposition 8. In light of this news and my blog post from last week, I would like to direct you to two excellent blog posts by my wise former teacher, T Thorn Coyle.

Love Will Out and Stand for Love Both are excellent posts about love, the law, and how the current decision is only the tip of the iceberg.

4 responses to “Mercurial

  1. Got a question for you. (NB: This is *not* a test!)

    Who would you say is the Faery deity most closely aligned with communicative endeavors? I have been considering this question myself, since Faery seems so focused on the muse-role, and of poetic output. Rather, who overlooks issues of clear communication? Curious for your input. And thanks for the rest of this post. A whole series of blog entries could cover the Supreme Courts’ amazing short-sightedness this time around, don’t you think?

    • That is a *really* great question. My gut response is that Faery deities are too primal to be concerned with communicating effectively! Maybe Melek Taus? I associate him with Lucifer (for better and for worse) and as a ‘god of this world’ I think communicating, via speech and technology, he might be the appropriate deistic cognate (is that a thing? tell me that’s a thing). But I’m grasping at straws!

      In Hindu tradition I would say that Ganesh and Saraswati might fill this role, as best as I know.

      What are your thoughts on the Faery god of communication?

  2. I’ve gone through a list. Crom Dubh being the blacksmith, was one possibility that I found vaguely dissatisfying. The Arddu as the psychopomp (same role as Hermes) was one I tried on for a while, but as you say, he feels too primal to be concerned with human verbal interactions. But then, Crom Cruoaich showed up as a poetic muse, but that is different from clarity in profane dialogue. So, perhaps you’ve got something with Malik. It makes better sense than anything I’ve come up with yet.

    • I guess the proof would be in the pudding. Call him devotionally and request His assistance in effective communication.

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