An Important Announcement!

Dear friends and faithful readers,

It is with much pleasure that I announce a big change coming to my own ashram. Beginning Tuesday, Dec 10, this blog will be moving to the Pagan Portal over at Patheos, warehouse of spiritual and religious blogs – and atheist ones too! I am particularly excited to be blogging regularly at Patheos Pagan. I’ve been an occasional contributor to Pagan Families (now also at Patheos Pagan) and until last June I was a regular columnist at A Sense of Place (located at Patheos Pagan). I have found the conversation insightful, the writing and perspectives diverse, and the support among the Portal writers supportive and encouraging.

What does this mean for my blog? Beginning Monday, Dec 9, when you click on my own ashram you will be redirected to the new site; the blog will be renamed A Witch’s Ashram. You will find all my posts archived there, if you want to read previous posts. Be warned: there will be ads. I have no control over the content of those. If you find one really out of context or outright offensive, please let me know. However, my content will not change. I’ll still be posting about my opinions, theological thoughts, book reviews, and musings on my personal practice. I also plan to have some guest posts written by other thinkers and practitioners of Traditional Witchcraft.

If you currently follow this blog or get notifications via email and want to continue with that, you’ll have to click again on the new page come Monday.

I hope you’ll continue to join me on my journey.



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