The weekend’s Harvest Moon

You might have noticed the full moon over the weekend. In this corner of the world it was hard to ignore. Big and bright, making puffy clouds shine silver one night, glowing gold and orange in a clear, starlit sky the next.

According to many sources around me, this full moon was especially powerful. I don’t often make magic at full moons; I usually reserve that for the dark moon. Full moons usually make me spacey and a touch giddy. But all weekend long I had a strong urge to make magic.

Saturday night, at the peak of the fullness, I was on my own with the kids at bedtime. I hoped to sit outside once they were asleep and soak up the sights. What I most wanted to do was walk off into the woods by myself, but that was not an option. The neighbors were hosting a party, complete with a person singing the entire works of U2 on guitar. Thankfully, the musician was really good. Unfortunately, my kids couldn’t fall asleep for all the noise. Magic making ended up being ten minutes outside soaking up the moonlight before I myself fell into bed.

But Sunday night was my night. After putting the kids to bed I went into my office and sat in meditation….. for five minutes before my son wandered in. “Mama, I have a message for you: I love you.” And then again, “Mama, I have something to tell you: I love you, but not Papa.” And then finally, “Mama, look at me dancing in the candle light!” My office shares a door that doesn’t lock with his bedroom.

Yet, the sitting was surprisingly effective. I got centered. I sunk down. I felt Ana whoosh in and wrap me up as in a shawl. I took some dark chocolate outside as an offering to the fey and I felt it again: the season turned, something shifted, the Dark Season was upon us, upon me.

Ana and Arddu, two crone-esque gods, of bones and dark, are the only two gods I have distinctly felt. I experienced them in Wales for the first time; geography is clearly no obstacle to them finding their own. I felt their presence again. While I may have had faint brushes with Kali, Ganesh, and Hermes, and while I have a lot more to grab hold intellectually with those other gods, Ana and Arddu are the ones that have shown up, creeped up, into my life. I dare not ignore them.

I took a glass of wine, a candle and my red cord and sat on the porch in the light of the moon and chanted, welcoming Ana, calling on her wisdom. Cars drove past. People came and went from the house across the street. I don’t think any of my neighbors noticed me. I felt ever so cheeky, so boldly making magic – but my front porch faces east and it’s the only good place for moon watching.

After casting my ‘spell’ I went inside and sat at my dining table to read tarot. For myself I drew cards regarding a broken relationship, then I looked at what the fall holds for me. For Adam I did a reading regarding his business (our livelihood). None of the readings were surprising. All hopeful, all for the time being.

Evenings like this make me feel like a magical life is indeed possible with children, that patience and a later bedtime pay off in the end.

How did you experience the moon?